On 5th June, ten students, along with Mr Johnson and Miss Petra, travelled to Buckfast Abbey in Dartmoor for a retreat.  It was a long, but pleasant, train journey, where we got to see a different side to England than we normally see in London.  The train line ran along the coast for several miles, and we were able to appreciate Devon’s beautiful coastline, sandy beaches, and seaside towns. During the course of the trip, we had a lot of time to pray the rosary, examine our spiritual lives, and we gained a perspective on how the monks lead their lives in regular prayer. My favourite spiritual exercise was the Lectio Divina, which involved reading a scripture three times, thinking about it and discussing the words or phrases. Thisleft a lasting impression on us. It was very interesting to hear what everyone had to say. We had a phenomenal time in Buckfast and hope to return again next year. Thank you, Mr Johnson and Miss Petra    Sibongile Zulu 10 R.


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