The year 8 Rugby Team left for Tour to Northern Ireland on the 25th of April 2014. The squad left in the early hours of the morning and made their way to Holyhead Ferry Port in the School minibus.  All students were highly excited and the atmosphere to the port was great despite the long journey. 


Once across Irish waters the team made their first stop in Warrenpoint and as a surprise to the boys they watched a Gaelic football match where they soon spotted their old Head of Year Mr Henry playing in defence for the home side.  After an evening meal and re-fuel the team headed north for Belfast where they got to bed as soon as they could in anticipation for their big match against Carrickfergus the next day. The following day it was a sunny morning and on the First team pitch the boys started the game against their more than able rivals in a positive way. 


Two early tries gave our boys confidence and Telmo did not disappoint with his kicking. A large crowd were rewarded with a fantastic effort from both sides but eventually our boys sealed the game with a 7th try and the final score read 46 – 24.  Carrickfergus were superb hosts and our boys were treated with a post match meal plus shirt and tie swapping .  The Saturday afternoon was then spent exploring the North Coast and relaxing in and around the Giants Causeway.


The evening meal was followed by an early night as Sunday morning saw the boys try out Gaelic football back at Warren Point.  Again the boys were treated with post match food and all were made to feel welcome.  The rest of Sunday consisted of bowling and the much anticipated Awards Meal where the boys had a chance to look back on all they had achieved and experienced in such a short space of time.  The whole trip was topped off with a smooth journey home on the Monday and lots of tired but happy faces

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