Everyone at St John Bosco College is committed to making sure that every child at the school is valued and is given the opportunity to do well. Therefore, we work hard to provide appropriate and high quality education for all students.

We believe that everybody is equal irrespective of their ethnicity, social or cultural background, previous experiences and ability. In the Special Educational Needs Department we work with parents and students to ensure that every child is supported in their learning and development as a valued individual. We understand that each child is unique and that sometimes they may need extra support, or for their learning programme to be adapted in a certain way so that they can do their best.

When we first meet a student we asses their needs and talk to them and their parents about what would be the best way to support their learning.

Our aims are to:

  • Make each student feel valuable and able to do well
  • Help each student achieve her best
  • Develop self-confidence and a desire to learn
  • Support students in developing positive strategies that will help them both in learning and in adult life.
  • Make teaching and learning more accessible for each student based on their specific needs
  • Support whole-class learning through focused building of literacy and numeracy skills
  • Create opportunities for students to develop social skills both with their peers and adults
  • Support students in developing self-awareness especially in relation to choice making and their behaviour
  • Support young-carers and families under stress
  • Respond supportively and constructively to students at times of crises
  • Pro-actively support students who are at risk of disaffection and exclusion
  • Support students to be in lessons with their peers as much as possible as this is the best place for them to learn and grow as confident individuals.
  • Raise achievement of all learners
  • Support students in accessing external support where appropriate
  • Support other teachers when working with individual students who may have specific needs, either at a particular moment, or in a given area, as well as those with ongoing needs.

A child can be referred for assessment and support by their Head of Year.  They should first speak to their Form Tutor.

If you would like more information about our work, or if you would like to discuss any concerns you have about your child please contact Miss Bud, SENCO, at the school. NB From June 2016, the SENCO is Rebecca Jones




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  • Email: info@sjbc.wandsworth.sch.uk

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