Whole school approach to literacy

“Literacy is about people’s ability to function in society as private individuals, active citizen’s employees or parents… Literacy is about people’s self-esteem, their interaction with others, their health and employability. Ultimately literacy is about whether a society is fit for the future.”

Final report of the EU High Level Group of Experts on Literacy 2012

Literacy is central to everything that we do in St John Bosco College as it is key to every child’s achievement both in school and in adult life.

Developing a child’s literacy does not end at the school gate but is something that must be supported and developed further at home.


How does this fit into our Salesian Ethos?

"Without confidence and love, there can be no true education." Don Bosco

Good literacy skills are fundamental to success, not only in education but in life itself. Good communication, speaking, reading and writing skills are core to each student’s confidence as a learner, and thus we as a school have a duty to develop these skills. Improving literacy skills across the curriculum holistically supports the progress and achievement of all our students in every aspect of their learning and education.

What are the benefits of good literacy for the child?

  • Good literacy skills enable a child to communicate meaningfully with others
  • It helps to strengthen their self-esteem about themselves as learners.
  • It gives access to great opportunities and knowledge which promotes academic, social, emotional and economic wellbeing.
  • It gives them the skills necessary for success in learning and employment

Please click on the link below for a recommended reading list for secondary students:



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